Continuously Transposed Cable ( Product)
Shree Cables & Conductors Pvt. Ltd. increases its production range manufacturing CTC up to 96 conductors and different types of insulation (Click here to Download CTC Brochure)

Bare Copper Conductors (Flat and Round)
Paper Insulated Copper Conductors (Flat and Round) with insulation upto 40 Layers  
    Proof Stress/ Work Hardened Conductors. (115 Mpa - 200 Mpa)    
    Annealed Conductors  
    Radial/ Axial Bunching  
    Twin/ Triple/ Quadruple Bunched Conductors  
Glued Bunched Conductors for HVDC / EHV applications.
Enamel covered / Nomex Insulated Conductors (Flat and Round) for freight loco applications.  
Mica/Polyster film insulated copper conductors (Flat and Round) for use in HT Motors.
Nomex Insulated conductors for flame proof equipments / Special applications.
Enamel Insulated Conductors / Glass Fibre Varnish Impregnated conductors or Any Combination of above two.
Dual Coat Enamelled Round & Rectangular conductor

  ETP Grade Copper To IS & BS specifications or any other specification of the Customer.
  Copper round to all specifications i.e. Hard, Half Hard or annealed conditions.
  Copper Flat / Strips to all specifications i.e. Hard, Half Hard or Annealed conditions.
  Special profiles to any shapes or design of the customers in Hard, Half Hard or Annealed conditions used by all major electrical industries manufacturing switchgear, motors transformers etc.
  Commutator Segments.
  Oxygen free / Silicon Copper Rotor Bars.

Compole / Field coils for Traction motors.
Copper Components & Assemblies as per Customer design & requirement
Bushing Head Assembly.
Contact Finger Assembly.
Off Load Tap changer as per customerís design & specifications.
Laminated Flexibles.
Copper Braided Flexibles.
Engineering Data